Cyberbullying…it is always personal

Many students have been affected by bullying, maybe even ourselves when we were in school as well. Bullying has been an issue for decades, and it makes you wonder why we can't find a solution or ways to curb this behavior. Personally, I never really realized that I was bullied when I was in school … Continue reading Cyberbullying…it is always personal

Copyright or wrong?

Copyright in education has become a hot topic since computers and the internet began the era of the copy and paste. This phenomenon continues to be an issue even though teachers check students work with plagiarism checkers constantly. Students seem to be okay with taking someone else's work and saying it is their own. The … Continue reading Copyright or wrong?

Do you know the details of your digital footprint?

Learning is so different now compared to when I was in school. The teacher is no longer the base of knowledge, but just a conduit and facilitator along the route. The teacher no longer must be in a classroom or in a school. Students can learn without the teacher as well by using the internet, … Continue reading Do you know the details of your digital footprint?