Professional Learning Outline

You may wonder why blended learning? My district is quite small (only 1 high school) and in the shadows of Fort Worth ISD, but we have the potential to be just as influential with our students and their futures. All fourth through twelfth graders are 1:1 with laptops & Chromebooks already and we can make the use of those devices in creating engaging learning experiences for our students. The district is in the midst of a huge undertaking as well; the third and final WiFi tower will be operational by the end of August 2019 and will allow all students in our tiny little part of Texas FREE WiFi at their homes to be used with any district provided device. My question is why not blended learning?

Blended learning will allow teachers to help students extend the classroom to the surrounding community and beyond. Teachers can provide personalized, differentiated learning for all students that will allow them to follow their passions and strive to be more than just a student in a classroom; but lifelong learners beyond the classroom walls.