Professional Learning Networks

Luckily, I have been blessed to be in a school district for the last four years, that promotes technology in every way possible. One of the ways is by joining PLN’s and also starting PLC’s at our campuses. When I started in this district, I was introduced to Twitter in a way that I was not aware of. I had a personal Twitter account, but I didn’t use it or have an interest in using it. Then I created my school Twitter account and the rest is history. I have used Twitter for #edchats in our district and I have also joined a couple that I found on blogs that I follow. We are encouraged to tweet pictures and other moments of learning in our classroom as well on a weekly basis if possible. I have “followed” so many influential people on Twitter that I find motivating, and enjoy seeing what great things they are creating and sharing.

Some of the most influential and motivating people that I have “followed” are:

Kasey Bell @ShakeUpLearning


Monica Burns @ClassTechTips #TaskBeforeApps

I have also joined a few Facebook teacher groups that have been great PLN’s to share ideas with and learn.

One Stop Teacher Community is by far my favorite and most helpful for me. The creator Kristin does a great job of giving teachers a platform to share and also hold us accountable to the goals we set in the group each week.

I recently joined a group called Raising Kids with a Growth Mindset and find it very helpful, especially when you need a little reminder about what the growth mindset is truly about.

I have also decided to add to my toolbox by joining a group on Facebook called Hyperdocs. I have always wanted to try them in class and feel like it would give me students choice on their path of learning. Stay tuned!

Top Notch Teaching Community is a group I just recently joined on Facebook and really enjoy all of the sharing of ideas in this group of educators.

I look forward to adding everyone in this class to my PLN and learning and growing together as well. I know that my PLN is always growing and am always looking for more inspiration. One suggestion I have is to sign up for Feedspot. It is a way to follow multiple education blogs all at once and have them sent to your email in one place instead of 25 different websites! It has been such an AMAZING resource for growing my PLN as well.

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