Innovation Plan Update

When I began the process of starting an innovation plan back in 5305; I was very excited to promote change in my classroom and possibly bring change to my whole school as well. My proposal was approved by my principal and then again by the Associate Superintendent. After preparing my innovation plan to start implementation for this school year and beginning to change student learning; I had to take a complete detour when I got a promotion to Innovation Leader (Technology Coach). I began to brainstorm a new direction for my innovation plan and even considered trying to recruit another teacher to pilot my blended learning model.

After the consideration of all angles and paths; I came to the realization that my plan only needed a shift in who my audience is and not a complete revamp. So I began to look at the different parameters of the changes that needed to be made for a smooth implementation and began preparing to propose my changes to my supervisor.

My proposal was accepted by my supervisor recently and I have begun making plans to implement parts of my innovation plan in June 2020. After making updates to my implementation outline I am ready to begin the first steps. The following outline is tentative and will be updated as necessary.

While I am very optimistic for my updated innovation plan; I also know that changing the model for professional learning in my district will not be an easy task. During the conversation with my supervisor; we talked about efforts in the past falling short when trying to offer similar types of professional learning. Knowing this information has me focusing on ways to allow for more choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities (Harapnuik, n.d.).

Using the pieces of the online course I created in 5318 has provided me a basic skeleton for the course that will be used in my innovation plan and provide personalized blended professional learning to the teachers in my district.

During the initial decision making process for my innovation plan; I recall reflecting quite often on what the final product would look like in my classroom. This reflection of my progress and intended goals was very beneficial, but I have also noticed that I need to make more of an effort to adjust my path more often after reflecting. In my new position, I have a great opportunity to provide a type of professional learning that I used to crave as a teacher and I know many others have a need for as well. Providing this new way of learning for teachers has become quite a passion of mine in the first few months of the school year. As I continue to work toward the implementation of this innovation plan; I am already thinking about what my next endeavor will be and how this plan is just the beginning. Only time will tell as I continue to be an agent of change in the educational environment.


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