The Path to Effective Professional Learning and Beyond

Professional development can cause a lot of educators to cringe. Do your students like to just ‘sit and get’ information as you stand at the front of the classroom? As a teacher, I have found that I do not even enjoy standing in front of the classroom and teaching much anymore. I realize that may sound odd to some, but put yourself in your students shoes and ask if you would enjoy being a student in your own classroom. This reason may be why teachers do not enjoy sitting through PD sessions as well.

It is time to make the change to a ‘go and show’ model of professional learning. We must move away from the one and done mantra that so many teachers have had to experience in their careers. This is imperative if we want to create the same type of learning environments for our students as wish we had for ourselves.

What direction should we be steering toward? Most teachers would agree it is time to expand the scope and engagement of professional learning. It is time for the leap into the ‘go and show’ model of professional learning. Change is not always easy, but it definitely is necessary.

In order for professional Learning to be personal, ongoing and supported; there has to be a plan. This outline lays out the plan in place to implement Blended learning and make it successful for teachers and students alike.


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