5304 Organizational Change

  • Organizational Change NOW?!
    Why would I want to change what works? That is just one of the questions you might hear from teachers that do not believe that we need to change anything … Read more
  • Conversations that Matter
    Dialogue is such a lost art in today's world of technology, and yet is probably one of the most important skills needed to bring about change. My students have trouble … Read more
  • The 4DX Plan
    Change in education may be the most difficult change to make successfully. The day to day grind of teachers tends to overwhelm all attempts at real, organizational change. My school … Read more
  • Influence This!
    As I have reflected on my innovation plan repeatedly since its creation, I find myself trying to make the connection to influence and how that can help with implementation. I … Read more
  • What’s Your ‘WHY’?
    As we learned from Sinek (2009), not every organization knows 'why' they do what they do, and this is the reason why some succeed and others do not. In order … Read more