5303 ePortfolio

  • My DLL Journey…
    Can it really be the end of the second course already in my DLL journey? I reflect on what I have experienced so far and sometimes it is just a … Read more
  • Is this thing on?
    Sometimes I wonder whether it is truly on; or in other words, is anyone listening to what I am saying? If you walk into my classroom, that may or may not … Read more
  • How Is That Going To Work?
    Reflecting on some of the reading I have done over the past week has me really wondering 'how'? How will I get started with implementing the COVA approach in my … Read more
  • COVA or Not to COVA…
    I continue to wonder about my abilities to implement a true COVA environment in my fifth-grade classroom. I know that I believe in the COVA model and the philosophy behind it. … Read more
  • Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?
    To answer this question, I believe you have to ask yourself, Can the students truly take their portfolio with them wherever they go? What if a student leaves a school district? … Read more