My DLL Journey…

Can it really be the end of the second course already in my DLL journey? I reflect on what I have experienced so far and sometimes it is just a blur. Then I really reflect by writing a blog post on here and realize what the beginning of this journey has meant to me so … Continue reading My DLL Journey…

Is this thing on?

Sometimes I wonder whether it is truly on; or in other words, is anyone listening to what I am saying? If you walk into my classroom, that may or may not be evident, some days more than others, but overall I would hope that my students are listening when I am talking. Do I really want … Continue reading Is this thing on?

How Is That Going To Work?

Reflecting on some of the reading I have done over the past week has me really wondering 'how'? How will I get started with implementing the COVA approach in my classroom? What can I really expect my fifth-graders to accomplish? How do I get my students to take initiative and make choices for their own … Continue reading How Is That Going To Work?

COVA or Not to COVA…

I continue to wonder about my abilities to implement a true COVA environment in my fifth-grade classroom. I know that I believe in the COVA model and the philosophy behind it. I know that if my students "aren't thinking about the learning process, we must ask if they are really learning?" (Harapnuik, Thibodeaux, Cummings 2018). Fighting with my fixed … Continue reading COVA or Not to COVA…

Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?

To answer this question, I believe you have to ask yourself, Can the students truly take their portfolio with them wherever they go? What if a student leaves a school district? Can they continue building that portfolio to show off their learning? What if they can't take it with them? Then what? All of these questions … Continue reading Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?

Why Am I Writing this Blog Post?

Why? That is the question I have asked myself A LOT in the last few weeks. It might be about, why did I teach it that way or why didn't think of that before I did it that way? This process of asking myself 'why' is not a new concept for me, but I feel … Continue reading Why Am I Writing this Blog Post?

Why Use An ePortfolio?

Ever since we were asked to create our ePortfolio in EDLD 5302, I have reflected over and over about the best way to use this medium with my students. My school district has promoted the idea of students having their own digital portfolios for a few years, but I was never really fully committed to … Continue reading Why Use An ePortfolio?

How Do Digital Portfolios Help My Students?

I have reflected and contemplated many times about this questions and always wondered, how can I help my students create the right type of digital portfolio? Should I be doing more? According to Lee Watanabe-Crockett, one of the replies he received from an educator stated, 'Having a digital portfolio helps students to brand themselves based on … Continue reading How Do Digital Portfolios Help My Students?