Why Use An ePortfolio?

Ever since we were asked to create our ePortfolio in EDLD 5302, I have reflected over and over about the best way to use this medium with my students. My school district has promoted the idea of students having their own digital portfolios for a few years, but I was never really fully committed to the idea. After reading the article from the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog called, ’13 Reasons Why Portfolios in Education are Important’, I find myself realizing just how many missed opportunities I have had with my students over the past few years. Letting them create their own product could have developed more confidence, as well as fine-tuned their writing skills (2018, August 30). There are so many benefits to keeping up with an ePortfolio and sharing any and all learning that is taking place. Karen Barnstable has started a list and has reached ’41 Benefits of an ePortfolio’ (2010, September 30), so far. The list includes the benefits of not only students but educators as well as em

Dillon, J.D. (2018) Quote [infographic] retrieved from https://www.learngeek.co/2018/05/4-tactics-for-promoting-reflection-at-work/
ployers and employees. The reach of an ePortfolio is quite impressive and I find myself completely rethinking the way I have my students reflect and create in my classroom.


Can you imagine if I was able to create the atmosphere where when my students reflect and blog about their learning, I was able to do the same about my teaching? It is an idea that I plan to try and maybe this will be the beginning of something amazing. What if I shared my misconceptions with my students as I blogged about the mistakes I made that day and the things that I learned from them? I think this is a journey that has to be taken, to see where and if it leads to a more promising future of learning for my students and myself. Make sure to check back on my progress in future blog posts.



41 Benefits of an ePortfolio. (2010, September 30). Retrieved from https://kbarnstable.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/41-benefits-of-an-eportfolio/

Educatorstechnology. (2018, August 30). 13 Reasons Why Portfolios Are Important in Education. Retrieved from https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2018/08/13-reasons-why-portfolios-are-important.html

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