How Is That Going To Work?

Reflecting on some of the reading I have done over the past week has me really wondering 'how'? How will I get started with implementing the COVA approach in my classroom? What can I really expect my fifth-graders to accomplish? How do I get my students to take initiative and make choices for their own … Continue reading How Is That Going To Work?

COVA or Not to COVA…

I continue to wonder about my abilities to implement a true COVA environment in my fifth-grade classroom. I know that I believe in the COVA model and the philosophy behind it. I know that if my students "aren't thinking about the learning process, we must ask if they are really learning?" (Harapnuik, Thibodeaux, Cummings 2018). Fighting with my fixed … Continue reading COVA or Not to COVA…

Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?

To answer this question, I believe you have to ask yourself, Can the students truly take their portfolio with them wherever they go? What if a student leaves a school district? Can they continue building that portfolio to show off their learning? What if they can't take it with them? Then what? All of these questions … Continue reading Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?

How Do Digital Portfolios Help My Students?

I have reflected and contemplated many times about this questions and always wondered, how can I help my students create the right type of digital portfolio? Should I be doing more? According to Lee Watanabe-Crockett, one of the replies he received from an educator stated, 'Having a digital portfolio helps students to brand themselves based on … Continue reading How Do Digital Portfolios Help My Students?