Do My Students ‘Own’ Their Digital Portfolios?

To answer this question, I believe you have to ask yourself, Can the students truly take their portfolio with them wherever they go? What if a student leaves a school district? Can they continue building that portfolio to show off their learning? What if they can’t take it with them? Then what? All of these questions need to be considered if we are truly going to understand if we are giving our students a true choice in their learning. My students have their own digital portfolios on Weebly as soon as they start third grade. These websites are created and controlled by the school district and the students only have access while they are in our district. So what do I tell a student who wants to take his or her proof of learning with them? I think that is a question that I would need to find the answer to. I believe that all students should be able to take their website with them because we are in the business of helping students prepare for the future and not just while they are in our school district. As I read the article, The Web We Need to Give Students, I find myself wanting my students to have the opportunity to have their ‘own’ domain for a truly creative experience in their learning. This also solves the ‘take it with you’ problem as well. This freedom can be scary for a lot of educators and school districts, but is it alright to let that fear hinder our students’ ability to have a creative canvas for all to see? I think the question we should be asking is, Can we find a way to make this domain ownership as safe as possible? While we contemplate this, there are at least ‘…170 bills proposed so far this year that would regulate it’ (Watters 2015, July 15). Is this the correct path to the learning freedom we desire for our students? I guess only time will tell.


Watters, Audrey. (2015, July 15). The Web We Need to Give Students – BRIGHT Magazine. Retrieved from

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