Creating an Online Learning Course

While teaching in a traditional classroom has become not so traditional lately; teaching a completely online distance learning course is easier said than done. I am beginning the journey of creating an online learning course and have had to really put on my brainstorming cap on to come up with the content and path for this course.

After a lot of contemplating and reflecting, I have decided to create a course that is connected to my Action Research Plan; personalized professional learning for teachers. I believe that creating this course will be the beginning of many possibilities in my district as I begin the school year as a technology coach and not a classroom teacher. I believe teachers crave the freedom of a completely online course that allows for choice, ownership, voice and authentic learning (COVA) opportunities.

The early stages of creation have been slow, but the future of this course could be the beginning of great opportunities for teachers in my district. I look forward to providing an update of my course during this creative process.

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