What’s Next?

As my first class in the pursuit of my Master’s degree comes to an end; I find myself wondering what’s next? I started by being reintroduced to the growth mindset and realizing that I really did not know what it was truly about. So I began my first assignment after reading Dr. Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Dweck, C. (2017) and was just chomping at the bit to explain all of the ways to introduce my students to the growth mindset at the beginning of the school year. As I began to list all of the steps in my Growth Mindset Plan, I kept wondering if I needed to work on my own mindset before passing on the knowledge to my fifth graders. I decided to focus on my personal life and steering toward the growth mindset on a daily basis before I expected my students to listen to me. As I prepare for the school year during pre-planning, I find myself falling back into some fixed mindset decisions, but overall I am happy with my progress to “take risks” and make the choice to make the effort to learn from my mistakes and grow.

What is wrong with our educational system? Those are the words that I began my Learning Manifesto and continued to challenge the choices we make in our classrooms and in general for our students. I believe that technology is a big piece to the puzzle when it comes to helping redirect our educational system, but I also know that the process is going to take a very long time because of the lack of willingness to “take risks” by the people in charge. What is the worst that could happen if we said: “let’s scrap the state test completely and see what happens if we think outside the box instead”? I think our students and their futures are worth that risk and we need to put people in charge that will do so. Maybe part of my “why” for the DLL program is my unwillingness to accept the way we do things. I want to be apart of the change that will help our students be more successful than many people think is possible.

After being introduced to the COVA model, I find myself realizing that I have attempted this approach with my students. I just did not fully understand what it really meant to give a student “choice”. My idea of choice will definitely be improved and I will let my students create and inspire learning in my classroom the correct way this school year. Using the COVA model in my classroom is going to reinforce it for my own learning as well in the DLL program. I really enjoy having so much freedom to create


and stretch my abilities. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and willingness to explore new avenues of learning.


I also enjoy growing my PLN in any way I can. I know that I am far from knowing all that I need to know and the best way to grow my brain (growth mindset) is

to reach out and interact with my PLN. I believe that Professional Learning Networks are just scratching the surface in the ways we communicate now. I cannot wait to learn new ways to meet and share with other educators. I can’t imagine teaching in this technologically advanced culture without my PLN and all that I have learned from them. I would be half the teacher that I am now if I was not willing to create and grow my PLN. The future is unwritten and I cannot wait to see what it holds, but for now, I will accept the amazing opportunity to learn and grow in my new PLN, my colleagues in the DLL program at Lamar University.


Dweck, C. (2017). Mindset. Robinson.

(n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.harapnuik.org/


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