An Update on my Online Course

While building my online course on Google Classroom; I find myself in a continual reflection mode of what is needed and what is not. Learning in the same online environment through Lamar University for the last fourteen months has been helpful to focus on the detailed aspects of my course. Another quality tool that has helped me shape my course has been the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) site. Following the fifty standards on the site has allowed me to find more clarity in how to make my course more learner centered (OSCQR, n.d.).

Most of my experience when creating online courses has been with blended learning in the elementary classroom; while this course will take a different path to distance learning. This difference has been a challenge for me, but has also allowed me to learn about different aspects of online courses that I did not have to worry about in the past. There have been quite a few instances that I have had to completely scrap ideas; as I was thinking that I would be able to clarify instructions and provide in person help, and I cannot do that in this course. My mindset has grown quite a few times during the building of this course and I would have to speculate that it will grow even more during the next couple weeks as well.


OSCQR – Open SUNY Course Quality Review Rubric (n.d.). Retrieved from

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