Choosing an Innovation Plan

This may be the first indecision that I have had in my first three courses during my DLL journey. I know that this innovation plan does not need to be started now and this is just the beginning of a long process to implement and refine my plan, but I still am showing some anxiety as I go through the decision process. After reading Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Horn & Staker I believe I may have come to some conclusions. My school has been blessed with 1 to 1 Chromebooks in fourth and fifth grade, but are they really being used the proper or most effective way?

My innovation plan would leverage the use of these devices to allow for a more personalized learning. I plan to implement a type of blended learning model that includes a personalized learning plan for each student, small group instruction to help students when they need direction or guidance, and a daily reflection/accomplishments time for students to focus on what they may have mastered that day and what they may need to practice more. The results of this reflection time will provide the information needed to update a student’s learning plan and also determine what students may need more help or guidance the next day. This will provide students with their own personal data to record and track in order to build confidence and student ownership of their learning.

I have decided not to be too ambitious and set a goal to implement the pilot in my classroom next school year. Although, I will be trying a few of the components out this school year to get student feedback and reactions. This feedback will allow me to make the set up of these components more efficient and effective for all of my students next school year. If my innovation proposal is approved by my principal, then the following school year I hope to help the other fifth grade teachers on my campus to implement this blended learning model as well. So after over a week of reading and reflecting and organizing my thoughts, I have finally decided on a plan and now it is time to be the ‘change’ needed in our current education system.



Horn, M. B., Staker, H., & Christensen, C. M. (2017). Blended: using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Jossey-Bass.

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