Continuing to Build…

Over the last week, I have continued to look for ways to vary my course activities and provide different opportunities for the teachers that will be taking this course. As teachers we like to provide differentiated instruction to our students; so I am looking to build my course with the same idea in mind.

I continue to use the OSCQR website for guidance and came across standard #29 that talks about variety of resources. It opened my eyes about some of the ways to incorporate other activities that I may have dismissed or not thought of before. I ended up finding a great resource from the OER Commons site on digital formative assessment tools. This provided more variety and scaffolding for my students. Since my course is designed for teachers and their professional learning; I will not have to worry much about limited knowledge of navigating Google Classroom since our district is very integrated with technology at all grade levels, but I may have to provide some other information on other parts for new teachers in the district.

I believe that scaffolding may be a direction I need to be concerned with since there are so many levels of teacher knowledge when it comes to technology and comfort levels. This will be an area I focus on over the next week while I continue to add content to my course.


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